SeamsFriendly YYC



SFYYC was founded in 2020 with a simple idea; Produce a high quality, aesthetically pleasing mask that fits all while minimizing our footprint on the environment. No one wants to see disposable masks littered around their neighborhood. In the time since, the company has grown and now supplies masks nationally and internationally to the following industries:

  • Food and Service
  • Government/Military
  • Schools
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail
  • Safety Services

We take pride in creating innovative products our customers love while doing right by our community and planet. 

Today, in this day and age, masks have become and are becoming a necessary part of everyday life. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has changed its recommendation on wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic.  This is especially important in places where six feet of social distancing is hard to maintain—like the grocery store the office or the pharmacy. That's where we come in, built on necessity, SFYYC has created a brand based on just that. Comfortable, usable and fashionable for everyday wear. At SFYYC we saw the need for an effective and stylish product to get the world back to work and back enjoying what you love to do. 


We are community driven and understand that supporting other Canadian businesses is what keeps our country afloat. We try to only offer products that are Made in Canada and sourced from other Canadian businesses. Every product starts with necessity. In our changing and dynamic World, we wanted to create a product that can be part of your everyday, whether it be work or play. We believe everything should tell a story.... What is yours?


SFFYC utilizes multiple local manufacturing facilities to create your product in the most efficient timeframe. 


SFYYC's products are second to none. We take pride in our design, fabrics and quality. 


From beginning to end, your point of contact will remain the same. 

What our customers are saying

Love these! Comfortable and practical. Plus, it saves medical masks for the front line workers!

Samuel Taylor- Accountant, Fort MacMurray, AB, Canada